Weathering the Day-to-Day

DSC06109I normally write about money on my blog. Talking and understanding finances is the talent that God has given me and I feel blessed to share that with you all.

I have decided to change that up. I want to tell/share with you how we are surviving our latest deployment (number 5 if you were wondering).


It’s been challenging. Seriously challenging.

I didn’t expect that. After all, this isn’t my first rodeo. I knew it might take a few weeks to get in our groove.

I anticipated the little guy being devastated that his daddy was gone.

Unexpected Scenario

What I didn’t expect was that our 9 y.o. would need counseling.

I so did NOT see that coming.

Her stress level has been through the roof. She has been trying to fix everything and everyone around her. The result:  total meltdowns.

She is my rule-follower, approval-seeker. She keeps the other 2 on the straight and narrow (more on them later).

When it began

After my husband left, we packed up our 35 foot motorhome and took a 3,000 mile trek to visit friends and get our minds off of our situation. This is when she started stressing out. She didn’t want me losing my patience so she tried to “do” everything and “fix” everyone. If I asked anyone to get this, pick that up, help with that, she was the one who jumped forward.

I left her with one of my girlfriends and she couldn’t relax in the front of the tv because we don’t watch tv during the day normally. She was worried they would get in trouble (and no they didn’t).

My heart broke for her. It was so hard to watch her panic. I called a counselor (a Military Family Life Counselor to be exact) as soon as we got home.

She was just what we needed. We saw her once a week for about a month. She gave my 9 y.o. tools to help her alleviate her stress. The best tool was a journal designed specifically for children with a deployed parent.

The downside to this counselor was that she is now gone and the new counselor was a man and my daughter wasn’t interested.

But we did get some help….our new four-legged friend arrived in October. The 9 y.o. is not an animal lover AT ALL. Until now.It was shocking, but an amazing blessing.

All was well, until about a week ago when the novelty of Maggie started wearing off.  I’ve got a call into a new counselor.

Keep us in our prayers.

I know we will come out alright on the other side of this deployment, but until then we need prayers to weather the day to day.


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