The Unspoken Rule of Appliances, Plumbing, Cars, & Electronics

DSC06253Did you know that your appliances, plumbing, cars, and electronics all confer with each other the minute your spouse deploys?


I am not complaining. Just telling it like it is.

One of my girlfriends thought it would be a service  if I told you about a few of my trials and tribulations and how I have overcome. She thought it might help. I hope it does. No one is perfect, least of all me.

Yeah, there are some things that don’t work when The Man is home, but I don’t seem to mind it as much.  I do, however, mind it A LOT when he is not here.

I don’t think I have ever changed so many dang lightbulbs in my life!  Now it’s not like I am incapable of changing a light bulb. I was raised by a single mother and I was a single mother so being self-sufficient is not out of the realm of possibility.

Truthfully, I am annoyed because I have enough stuff to do without having to haul out the ladder or step-stool to get down the box of bulbs then head to the offending light only to find out we don’t even have that bulb in stock.  And not for nothing, but I am a tad busy here homeschooling and providing food and clean clothes.

Can’t the dang lights give me a freakin’ break??!!  Is that too much to ask??

Apparently it is because I just changed 1 more today and I need to run to HD to get another type of bulb. Ugh!

 The First Offender

The first thing that needed attention around here after The Man left was a toilet. The 9 y.o. washes the kids’ bathroom floor and informed me one week that the floor was already wet behind the toilet (she is very efficient hehehe).  I don’t know the name of the hose that attaches to the toilet and then to the wall, but it needed replacing.

Off I went to HD to find someone in plumbing to tell me how to replace said hose. They knew exactly how to help me. I came home, grabbed the toolbox, shut the water off behind the toilet, and fixed the offending hose.

I felt so empowered. I felt like “I got this!”

The Second Offender

I had to call in the big guns for the next issue.

The kids’ bathroom tub faucet was leaking something fierce when we returned from our cross-country jaunt. Truthfully, it could have been leaking before we left, but I don’t use their bathroom or clean it. I think I went looking for shampoo and discovered the leak.

I know that leaks can be caused by a faulty washer, but this faucet was beyond me. The plumber came by and fixed us up. All was good…..

…..until the dishwasher went on strike.

The Third Offender

I was not to be deterred by this appliance because my husband had just fixed this issue months before he left. The dispenser lid spring wasn’t doing its job any longer. It was old and worn out I guess.

I googled and googled for a solution. The Man FaceTimed to attempt to help. No luck. I was frustrated and upset. The Man told me to call someone.

NO! I was not going to give in.

So instead I stopped using the dishwasher for a week or so until I could attempt the repair like a reasonable adult. Actually it was more because I got tired of washing the dang dishes.

I loaded the kids into the car and headed to Sears. I wanted to see if they had a dishwasher like mine so I could figure this out. And if not, then maybe they had a Kenmore appliance repair person to refer me to.

What I found instead was a very helpful associate. She knew what the offending piece was called. She googled and up popped a YouTube video.

I fixed the dishwasher! Yay!

The One That Reduced Me To A Sobbing Mess

The dishwasher wasn’t fixed yet when the kitchen sink decided to back up. Kid you not.

The last time this happened I called a plumber. He charged us $80 for 15 mins of work…he snaked the line.

This time it was a weekend and there was no way I was calling on a weekend. Plus he had just been here the week before to fix the leaky tub faucet in the kids’ bathroom.

I had been religiously pouring bleach down my drains, per the plumber’s suggestion, to prevent this very problem. I even bragged to the plumber when he was fixing the faucet.  You can imagine my frustration when the back up occurred.

I schlepped to the garage and hauled in the trusty toolbox. I took items out from under the cabinet. I brought in a huge bowl to catch water. I twisted and turned to undo the pipes.

I started crying right there on the kitchen floor. The dang sink was my undoing.

My poor kids didn’t know what to do.

I couldn’t have stopped the sobbing if you paid me.

I was overwhelmed at this point.

Eventually I got all the pipes unscrewed. There was no blockage just as I suspected there wouldn’t be.

I googled for a solution. The first “fix” I found didn’t work.

The second “fix” was THE ONE. It was so inexpensive and easy.

  1. Poor baking soda down the drain.
  2. Follow with vinegar.
  3. Cover the drain quickly. If you have 2 sinks, like I do, make sure the other sink is already closed up tight.
  4. Wait for bubbling around stopper to dissipate then uncover.
  5. Run water.

I had to do this twice, per the instructions on line, and wa-la! I had a working sink. No plumber was needed after all.

I held my breath for a day or 2, but it has been a couple of weeks now and all is well.

So what’s your story?

Do you have words of wisdom you want to share?




  1. In about a year when my hubby deploys you’re the one I’m calling when things need fixed. You’re going to be a pro soon!


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