The Cost of Christmas Cards

A couple of things got me thinking about Christmas cards.  I posted a status on FB today about donating to Wikipedia and how it is a resource in our homeschooling.  It is cheaper than private school tuition.  A short while later I was talking to a girlfriend (yep, it was you) about Christmas cards and whether she was getting hers out this year.  She brought up a very good point about Christmas cards…they are expensive!!

How many of you budget for Christmas cards?

Do you send picture cards?

How about letters?

How many cards do you send?

I have done picture cards with a letter for years.  I send about 70+ cards a season.  Let’s say I only send 70 cards this year, that is $30.80 in postage alone.  The average “basic” picture card from Snapfish is .73 each for a total of $51.10.  Then I need the fancy Christmas computer paper for about $20.  That puts me at about $100.  Thankfully, that is not a budget buster, but it IS $100 during the Christmas season and NO I haven’t budgeted that in.

So, I think I will change things up this year.  There will not be a picture card or a letter.  Most people know my business through the blog and my FB updates anyway.  I am going to send out all the cards I receive from the different charities we donate to, or not.  You know the ones I mean, the ones you get in the mail asking you to donate to their particular organization. Well, I never throw the cards out because that would be wasteful, but then again I haven’t used them either.

One thing I realized after I made that decision was how expensive some of those cards actually were hahahaha


  1. Last year I sent our Valentine’s cards. Not any cheaper but it at least hits you in a month where there’s less spending…at least in my house.

    Not sure what I am doing this year. I think everyone is given “skip a year” rights! :)

    • That’s a great idea Sharon! I had a friend send an Easter card and letter. I loved it! It was such a lovely surprise. Maybe I will surprise everyone later in the year hehehehe

  2. Hahahahaha!! No conversation is sacred. ;) going to do the same this year. :)

  3. I’m not sending any out this year. I never used to send them but when I had the kids I started sending them. But this year I’m not going to send them because they’re expensive. I never did the letter, though. I’m just not into that.

    • Read Kelly’s thoughts on the expense of cards. I am not sending them this year but I am re-thinking my position for next year. And I would love if you would do a letter and send it to me :)

  4. Since my first year of college I have always sent Christmas cards. I love this time of year because its about sharing with others the same love God showed us when he gave us the gift of his Son to be our savior. It is the season of giving. I’ll be honest, though. I have cut my card list in the past because I have not gotten a card in return for several years. But, when you plan to send 70-80 cards, it does add up. Sending cards is my way of giving everyone I care about a little gift. I certainly can’t afford to buy EVERYONE I care about even a $5 gift. A card and a stamp, per family, to let them know I am thinking about them and wishing them well this season and in the coming year is, in my humble opinion, much more economical. Its about putting aside my wants and needs to, hopefully, let them know they are cared about and loved.

    • This is a great way of thinking about the cost of the cards. I love different perspectives. Thanks for the insight :)

  5. Ok, so I noticed a marked decrease in the number of cards we received this year and yes, I did miss them. I know with the social media and many other ways of keeping up with people now, it’s easy to think a card is not wanted or needed, and maybe that’s the case for some. But, personally, I love receiving the cards with updates and pictures and even just a signature, because as Kelly mentioned above, it is a little gift saying you’re thinking about somebody. I like sending them too although I have had to cut our list a bit because they are expensive, but I think for us, still worth the cost. I decided to do a smaller note this year instead of a full on letter, so it would fit on the card, so no paper or copying costs. I also like that it puts my year in perspective when I have to write just the highlights (or sometimes lows) and I always have a more positive outlook going into the holidays and new year. And just a little sense of accomplishment on getting them out before Christmas! We’re trying to get our kids to write some real letters to their cousins at least, just so they know the feeling of receiving ‘real’ mail! This is the only time of year I really look forward to the mail!

    • I love receiving pictures and letters every year. I actually save them all. I use the Pinterest idea of a metal ring. The kids and I look at them throughout the year. It is fun.

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