Overdrafting my checking account

“I went to take money out of the ATM and it said we didn’t have any in the checking account.”

What??!!  How is that possible? Did you go online and check too? There has to be an error!


This is the conversation The Man and I just had last week.

I pull up our online banking information and sure enough and we are in the red. How is this possible??!!

It’s possible because I am an idiot. I miscalculated how much was available and how much I could pay towards the bills before the 15th. I was getting ahead of myself.

I still use an old-fashioned check register to track every transaction. Yeah, I know I can use an online system like Mint, but truthfully this has been working just fine for our 19 years of married life.

Until today.

I am truly embarrassed that I overdrafted.  The bank covered an automatic payment but charged me $25 for a check. Ugh!

I called to find out about the overdraft protection I have on the account. I have never needed to use it before so I was unaware of the regulations. The bank I use doesn’t charge for the first overdraft in a year, but it does for each subsequent.

This is such an anomaly for me that I got an instant headache and felt sick.

The Man said he did wonder if we somehow had been hacked and all of our money was stolen.

I remember not being able to pay my bills “back in the day” just because I had more month than money. Not the case this time.  Human error. Ugh!

I know in the grand scheme of things this isn’t that big of a deal. I had overdraft protection and money in savings to transfer over to rectify the situation, but I pride myself on NOT jackin’ up the checkbook.

C’est la vie. I guess I am human afterall. Don’t tell anyone.


  1. You are not alone! I make little financial blips all the time despite having a pf blog!

    • Jennifer W says:

      It was a tad humiliating though to have my husband figure it out before I could tell him :( I like that he thinks I am perfect hehehe

  2. We use a paper check registry too. I was unaware that it was “old-fashioned”! I think I’ll look into the Mint thing just to be aware! Also, you’ve had a lot going on recently…you are entitled to an oops!

    • Jennifer W says:

      Yes, Robin, we are old fashioned now hahahaha I will probably always use a paper check registry. I can’t help myself lol

  3. This almost happened to me for the first time last month, and since I purposefully declined overdraft protection, I knew I’d be in a bind. Thankfully, I have was able to write a check and transfer money from my biz account to my checking. But it was a close call!

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