Our new Love

We, as a family, fell in love in October.

We adopted a dog.

She’s a Corgi.  The littles and I love Corgis.

We saw her picture on a bulletin board at the vet clinic and I called the number listed.

I have never called on a dog’s picture before.

She was still available.

She came for a visit the next day and has never left.

What happened next was shocking to me….she has cost us almost $1,000 so far. I did not anticipate that.

The woman who owned her passed away and the family couldn’t keep her. The family couldn’t find any vet records on her anywhere. They called local clinics and there wasn’t any record of her there either.

So we had to treat her as a puppy. She needed all of her vaccinations.  She needed a micro-chip (that is a necessity in our family), and she needed to be spayed.  Plus, I had her teeth cleaned while she was under.

Did I mention we fell head over heels in love with her right away? There was no turning back so I sucked up the cost.  What other options did I have really?

I need to tell you that she has given us more than we could have imagined.  A certain peace has descended over us since her arrival. Behaviors have improved noticeably.

I think she was worth the $800 :)

How much is happiness worth to you?


  1. She’s adorable!!! We love corgis, too!

  2. She is wonderful.


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