Hire Me

To My Girlfriends offers 2 different levels of financial advice.


  • The first is to the individual or couple and
  • The second is to the small business owner.


I would love to help you get started on your financial journey or work with you on the journey you have started.

For the individual or couple:


  • 1-on-1 financial counseling
  • Cashflow tracking worksheets
  • Budget worksheets
  • Follow up meetings to keep you on track
  • Review of your current situation
  • Unbiased financial advice
  • Tax consultation


How The Process Begins

We either meet in person or have a telephone consultation to determine your needs.

We discuss your immediate concerns and I can offer some immediate advice to alleviate a pressing situation.

I will evaluate your WHOLE situation outside of the meeting and will present an unbiased financial solution in writing prior to the follow up meeting.

All advice is personalized to YOUR situation.



For the Small Business Owner (start-up or established)


  • Initial Consultation to assess needs
  • Review of Business Plan or assistance in preparing one
  • Assessment of Marketing Plan
  • Tax consultation
  • Ongoing counseling



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