One Car Family

We have made a HUGE family decision that I am totally nervous about.Road

We decided to become a 1-car family.

I know, scary sounding isn’t it?

I hope I can do it.

Why are we doing this nutty thing? 

  • Our oldest child is moving away and wants to buy her daddy’s car.
  • We have talked about simplifying our lives even further than we already do.
  • The Man’s schedule is pretty flexible next year.
  • To save money.

Let me clarify the last reason…this car is completely paid off and has been for quite some time. Saving money will result from not having to gas up said vehicle, not paying insurance, or any maintenance costs which are sure to arise.

As best we can tell we will save $150 per month between gas and insurance. We don’t normally budget car repairs at this point in our lives because our savings has enough of a buffer to withstand a repair.

I am expecting a small increase in gas costs to our current vehicle given this situation so I factored that into the savings.

Other expected positive outcomes

We are hoping that this will force us to be more conscious of our daily plans and force us to use our time more wisely.

We are also hoping for even more family time since 1 car means we have to travel together. As it stands now, we will sometimes drive to the same location in separate cars if one of us doesn’t want to be inconvenienced with staying longer.

And I think it will be good for us physically.  Right now I drive one of the kids to speech class that is less than a mile away. We could bike or walk realistically, but I don’t because driving is more convenient. Let’s face it, I am inherently lazy unless pushed.

Plus, I will feel better knowing that our oldest has a decent car to drive when she moves 1200 miles away.

Anticipated challenges

  • Scheduling conflicts
  • Resentment
  • Feeling trapped at home

I think the resentment will tie in with the scheduling conflicts. I am old enough to know that everything may sound good until push comes to shove so I am trying to anticipate how this will play out.  I am expecting the worst in feelings and will be thrilled if I feel differently.

How you can help

Prayers,  and lots of them.