Battle Buddies

Battle Buddies….those words conjure up different thoughts for different segments of the population. For military spouses it means the friend who held your hand through a deployment. I don’t mean literal hand-holding. I am referring to the chick who answers the phone and just listens as you rant and rave about the latest drama in your life.

I don’t think a military spouse could survive a deployment without one, I know I couldn’t.

I use to think a battle buddy was someone that was living through the same experience with you and near you.  Not any longer.

LogoOne of my battle buddies was 14 hours away by car. But she was only a phone call, email, or iMessage away.

The miles were irrelevant because we saw each other 3 times in 7 months. Before this month is up we will have visited 4 times in 12 months.

I know I would never have survived without her support.

  • My battle buddy traversed part of the country with us when we took our summer trek last year.
  • She packed up her kids and their schoolwork to visit after the Kickboxer broke her leg.
  • She took my littles shopping for my upcoming birthday while she was here.
  • We trick-or-treated with her and her kids.
  • We panicked together when we found the bag of chocolates from Halloween devoured by the newest dog in our family.
  • I dropped my littles off to her in January so I could fly to the Netherlands to spend time with The Man.
  • She has listened to me sob when I said good-bye to my dog.
  • Most of all she was “there” and just listened.

The other battle buddies I had were online. I really connected with some “friends” on Facebook who were only acquaintances before.

I am so appreciative of the amazing women who are in my crazy life.

Tell me about your battle buddy experience. Why was she so special?


  1. Battle buddies are such an integral part of a deployment. For both sides. The soldier and the spouse. Spouse battle buddies help keep you afloat in the sea of craziness that awaits when you step off the plank at the beginning of a deployment. Without them we could very likely sink at times.

    I’ve been blessed with a “Person” (note the Grey’s Anatomy reference) at each duty station we’ve lived. At one duty station I was even blessed with two. Military life can throw you curveballs at any time, it doesn’t have to be during deployments. All of my “People” helped me get through the trials the Army and each duty station threw at me. I am blessed to have all of them in my life and am thankful God sent me each of them when I needed them most.

    • Jennifer W says:

      You are so right Kelly that we need “People” no matter if we are going through a deployment or not. I am still devastated over the loss of all my “People” (you included). That was one of the most incredible years for us as a military family. I feel so blessed to have had such an amazing group of Catholic women to socialize with all the time.

  2. I haven’t had any real close friends in such a long time. But I’ve always got my family. Sometimes I wish I could be better at keeping in touch with my old friends, but life sometimes gets in the way, I guess. Your post inspires me to reach out and make a call.
    Thanks for that,

    • Jennifer W says:

      Glad I could help.

      My situation is the opposite. I am much closer to my friends, unfortunately. I would love, love, love to be closer to family. I am extremely grateful for my friend-family though. :)

      I hope you made that call. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Jennifer W says:

    Thanks for sharing!


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