Entitlement run amok

I am all fired up this weekend over this article about USA Discounters and how they are fleecing military members. Apparently, military members are automatically approved for credit to purchase all sorts of items in the store. If and when the service member defaults, USA Discounter sues them in the state of Virginia per their […]

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May/June Expirations

Unfortunately, trading is NOT my day job or I would probably not be so far behind. 3/26 TWTR May1 51/53 call spread .55 deb b/e 51.55 max pro 145 max loss 55 cost 2.5 b/p (57.50)  WRONG DIRECTION TRADE UGH! Closed right away 3/25 TSLA May 14 IC 290/295/185/180 1.75 b/e 183.25/291.75 max pro 175 […]

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April 2014 expiration cycle

So the last time I was here I updated 6 months worth of trades. I had initiated new (to me anyway) strategies. I have decided I will start updating my trades after monthly expiration. The 1st five trades were on the last update. I wanted to show how they closed out. 2/4 VZ JL Mar 48/49/45 1.10 […]

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Honing my trading skills

Disclaimer: These are my trades used for illustration purposes only. I don’t advocate anyone attempt to trade my “style” as I am not sure I even have a “style” realistically. Okay, so The Man redeployed in June and I decided to buckle down and treat my trading “career” as the business I want/need it to […]

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The Madness and My Marriage


6 months ago I willingly brought The Madness into my family. I promised The Man that I wouldn’t adopt another animal while he was deployed. Clearly I can’t be trusted. Does it count that I had good intentions?? Just a month earlier, I said good-bye to the best battle buddy a girl could ever hope […]

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After Hiatus


  Yeah, I know, it’s been MONTHS since I have posted. I didn’t think you would miss me. And yes, a lot has been going on. We are still re-integrating as a family. It is a long process. Some people think all is better when The Man walks in the door after being gone for a year. […]

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Hi-ho, Hi-ho, off to college we will go

I’ve been reading a lot of status updates on FB lately about kids heading off to college. It made me a little nostalgic. 6 years ago I took my teenage daughter to college for the first time. No one told me how I would grieve when she was gone. Then again in all fairness, I […]

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Overdrafting my checking account

“I went to take money out of the ATM and it said we didn’t have any in the checking account.” What??!!  How is that possible? Did you go online and check too? There has to be an error!   This is the conversation The Man and I just had last week. I pull up our […]

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Color-blindness and complacency


Like the rest of America I was surprised by the Zimmerman verdict last Saturday. I was not shocked however. To me the verdict had to turn out this way because our justice system is a game of semantics, even when a young man has died. I don’t have a lot of faith in our justice […]

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What I did last summer


This post was written for a Blog Hop on Generation Fabulous. Click the link below to see more Transformation Travel blogs or to share yours. Powered by Linky Tools Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list… Last summer I embarked, with the littles, of course, on a 3,000 mile trek […]

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